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We all look forward to the upcoming holiday. But even as we wait, how prepared are we? Maybe you have invited some guests as most holidays are treasured when dining with friends. Have you made the necessary provisions to accommodate the event?

One of the essential requirements is to ensure all appliances likely to be used are in perfect conditions. Dealing with a broken device during that critical season may be challenging. Our team of highly trained technicians offers you some tips that are likely to help you avoid untimely breakdowns. Below are some of the tips.

Promptly clean your oven

Most holidays are associated with more cooking than usual. To ensure that more stuff is accommodated in the refrigerator, a proper organization of the fridge may be required. A well-arranged refrigerator must account for the unrestricted airflow within the appliance for effective cooling.

There is usually a temptation to put more items in every available space in the refrigerator. We highly recommend that you leave enough space for good air circulation. Whenever an appliance fails to get enough air space, it works harder to compensate for the deficiency. This leads to overworking of the machine and subsequently results in a reduced life span.

Arrange your refrigerator

Has it ever occurred to you that while running devices like dryers and washers, there are vibrations and noise all over? This phenomenon happens most of the time and maybe disturbing. To reduce the vibration and the associated noise, all you need to do is placemats between the machine and the floor.

The mat will absorb the vibration and enable your appliance to operate quietly. Indeed, the simple installation of anti-vibration pads equally increases the life span of the machine.

Dishwasher care

Washing dishes is sometimes more of a routine, while to others is a pastime. During the coming holidays, the number of dishes may be too much following the swollen number of guests. In this regard, having a working dishwasher may be prudent.

Some of the reasons why most dishwashers fail to operate are due to the clogging of the jets. You must remove the food remains from the dishes first before loading. Our highly trained technicians recommend running hot water in the sink just before running the dishwasher. When this is done, the water in the dishwasher is kept hot even at the beginning of the cycle. Hot water is equally able to break some of the debris, making the washing much more effortless.

Most appliances will take in any good detergent or soap. As you run your appliance, the amount of soap you apply is essential to be just enough. Excess soap usually results in an excess form that slows down the machine. You can check details of how much soap is recommended from the device instruction provided by the manufacturer.

Generation of ice

Most freezers will satisfactorily provide ice for a typical household requirement. During holidays, where more people gather together, there is a tendency to use more ice. As a result, you may require harvesting more in anticipation.

Avoid using the ice that has stayed in the freezer for long. There are chances that it is smelly since it usually picks the smell of the stuff inside the freezer. We recommend that you empty the freezer ice compartment and allow fresh collection.

Harvest the new ice depending on the number of guests you invite and store on the freezer shelf while in clean plastic ice bags.

We believe the above tips are essential to ensure your appliances are in their perfect shape and last long.

Our service team is available for further consultation. Enjoy your holidays.

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