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We all most certainly love holidays. The question is, how prepared are you? A holiday is usually memorable when shared with others. As you plan to receive guests, are all your appliances in perfect condition? Our team of highly trained technicians on diverse appliances offers you free help on how to ensure minimal, if any, disruption during the holidays. There are several tips that we wish to share with you before you start your holiday. When followed carefully, you are likely to experience a fresh beginning with your appliances.

Early oven cleaning

To avoid making panic calls during the holiday, ensure that you test your oven well in advance. You will find that many customers call for help during the holiday seeking help over their broken ovens. Early cleaning of the oven can mitigate this phenomenon.

A self-cleaning feature on the appliance may cause breakdowns of heating elements and sometimes fuse blow out. That notwithstanding, performing a self-cleaning a few days before the D-day is highly recommended. Doing the above operation ensures that you have ample time to repair any damages caused before the holiday commences.

Refrigerator arrangement

Organizing a refrigerator offers a golden opportunity to not only correct the mess inside it but also clean up your refrigerator. There is always a temptation to add more items like groceries into the refrigerator upon cleaning and organizing. It is practically okay to do so; always ensure that the appliance is not overloaded.

Most overloaded refrigerators have poor air circulation and cause the device to work harder to maintain the desired low temperature. The strain on the appliance leads to more energy consumption and eventually breakdowns.

Dishwasher maintenance

Washing dishes for a small family may appear more of a routine and fun too. However, when the number of guests swells, washing dishes become more of a planned event than a schedule. The use of a dishwasher becomes critical to mitigating the challenges.

It is essential, therefore, to ensure a working dishwasher is installed before the holiday begins. There are few but very crucial tasks to perform to ascertain this. First, scrape off the debris from the dishes before putting them into the device. The removal of debris helps to prevent the appliance’s jets from clogging.

It will help if hot water is used from the initial cycle. The use of hot water helps keep the dishwasher’s water hot right from the first cleaning cycle. Though most devices may be operated with various choices of detergents, you should determine the amount used carefully. It is critical to note that excess detergent causes the machine to slow down due to the formation of foams. Most machines have predetermined soap packets.

Preservation of ice

While under normal circumstances, the ice deposits from the freezer are enough for the family. If you invite more people, the ice supply may be defeated by the usage. It would be best if you put into place plans to make sure no deficit is realized.

Sometimes, ice may pick the smell of the stored stuff in the freezer if it stays for long. It is advisable to clean up the freezer and allow new ice to form fresh. Ensure that you have enough of the ice, harvest regularly in plastic bags, and store it on the freezer shelf. Depending on the size of guests, stock as much ice as you can.


We are all gifted differently. Some people may not be able to maintain their domestic devices on their own. We appreciate that you can call our office for any assistance concerning your appliance, and our team of highly trained personnel will sort you out.

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