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There are some appliance parts that most people hardly clean. Are you aware that refrigerators have coils? As you maintain the device, do you remember this part? Similarly, the dryer’s vent needs seasonal cleaning. In the recent past, have you washed the dishwasher’s filter?

Every machine needs some degree of maintenance to optimize its operation. To perform most of the device maintenance, all you need is the manufacturer manual. We wish to highlight some of the common issues you may encounter as you operate your appliance.

Refrigerator’s coil care

The position of the coil on the refrigerator is susceptible to clogging due to easy access to dirt and dust. Whenever these foreign particles block coils, air circulation is hindered. As a result, the refrigerator is forced to work harder and, in return, consume more energy. Besides the high energy bills resulting from extra energy consumption, there is increased wear and tear of the device.

It is advised that you clean the refrigerator coil using a vacuum (preferably the handheld) or elongated nozzle to avoid losses.

The setting of oven temperature

Many customers have complained of the inaccuracy of the heating from the oven to what they have set. Some devices can indeed lose their accuracy with time.

There is a need to recalibrate the device to achieve better results. Some cooking may require specific temperatures, and you may not have room for guesswork. Sometimes you need to have the technician contacts for the device. However, before calling them, try to use the instruction manual that came with the appliance. Alternatively, use online help.

Installation of anti-vibration mats

Has it ever occurred to you that while running devices like dryers and washers, there are vibrations and noise all over? This phenomenon happens most of the time and maybe disturbing. To reduce the vibration and the associated noise, all you need to do is placemats between the machine and the floor.

The mat will absorb the vibration and enable your appliance to operate quietly. Indeed, the simple installation of anti-vibration pads equally increases the life span of the machine.

Dishwasher filter

One of the most critical components of a dishwasher is the filter. Unfortunately, most people forget to clean the filter as often as required or as instructed by the manufacturer.

One of the most common consequences of the clogged filter is dirty dishes even after running through the appliance. When the filter is clogged, the upper rack does not get enough water. The dishes on the rack are not cleaned either.

To mitigate the clogging, remove the lower rack together with the filter cover and clean the screen. As you clean the screen, also work on the float and ensure it is clean too.

Remove the food debris from the igniter

As you carry out your cooking, food parts may spill on the stoves more often than not. With time, some debris may get to the stove igniter. We recommend that you clean away these particles using brushes. There may be no better brush than an ordinary toothbrush. After cleaning the igniter, ensure that the strike plate seats firmly on the burner.

Dryer’s lint filter care

When doing your wash, you expect clothes to come out of the dryer clean and dry. Sometimes this does not happen due to inefficient heating. If the clothes are still wet or very dump, the most likely part of the dryer with an issue is the lint filter.

Check to confirm that the lint filter is not clogged. It is good practice to remove the lint from the screen every time you load your dryer. Regular detergents in hot water and a bristle brush are good enough to clean the lint filter. Equally, clean your dryer’s vent at least once per year.

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